By Ming | May 25, 2017

Shenzhen: Easy to reach

Do I need a Chinese Visa?

  1. Visa-Free Access
    • Citizens of Singapore, Brunei and Japan holding ordinary passports may enter China without a visa through the ports of entry open to foreigners provided that they come to China for tourism, family visit, business or transit, and intend to stay in China for no more than 15 days.
    • Citizens of Seychelles, Mauritius, Bahamas, San marino, Fiji, Grenada, Serbia, Ecuador, Tonga holding valid passports shall be exempted from visa requirement for entry into, exit from or transit through China with duration of stay no more than 30 days.

  2. Apply Chinese Visa [Recommended]
    All international travelers except from above mentioned countries require the Chinese Visa. Standard 30-day, single-entry visas can be issued in three to five working days from most Chinese embassies, and must be used within three months of the date of issue. Longer visas are often more difficult to obtain.

    Detailed instruction please refer the link:
    Chinese Visa Application Service Center

  3. Shenzhen Port Visa on Arrival (Special Economic Zone Tourism Visa)
    It is a visa on arrival valid only at the Hong Kong and Shenzhen border which is convenient for people who don’t need visa to Hong Kong (check at Hong Kong Immigration Department).

    Q1. Who Is Eligible For a Shenzhen Visa?

    • Australian, Canadian, Irish, New Zealand, UK, most EU passport holders are eligible for the Shenzhen visa.
    • Indonesia and the Philippines passport holders have to show passports with visas previously issued by the Chinese government.
    • US passport holders are not eligible for the Shenzhen visa. Other countries not eligible are passport holders of Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Cameroon, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Israel, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Sudan, Turkey, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, Yemen

    Q2. Where can I get the visa?

    • Currently ONLY Luohu Port: 9:00am to 22:30pm

    Q3. What are the requirements for obtaining the visa?

    • A valid passport with at least two free pages and 6 months’ remaining validity;
    • The immigration form obtained upon entering Hong Kong.
    • The immigration form to enter China: You can get this form and fill it out at the Lo Wu border crossing.
    • About 200HKD (25 EURO): you can pay by card

    Q4. What’s the Restriction?

    • It’s once-entry visa
    • It only allow you to stay at Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, including Shenzhen City, Shekou and most of the factories in the surrounding countryside.
    • It allow you stay for most 5 days (count from next day after entry)

Invitation Letter

By default, we will only provide you the invitation to attend ICVS 2017 conference. We will not send the invitation letter for visa to you, unless you ask for and provide the information required to us. And it will take some time before we can provide the official invitation letters for visa to you.

To avoid waiting for invitation letters for visa, we highly recommend that foreign visitors apply for Tourist Visas to China, which do not require invitation letters for visa.

If you need an invitation letter for visa application to attend ICVS 2017, please contact the Conference Secretary with the information below no later than June 1, 2017.

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Affiliation
  • Nationality
  • A detailed schedule for this visiting, including the arrival, leave time, and location.
  • How will you bear the cost including the travel and stay in China?
  • The copy of your passport. If you’ve ever been to China, you should provide a copy of the record coming to China.
  • If you are a student, please provide student certificate issued by your university (with translation to English) with official seal (original copy or scanning copy). If you are working in an institution, please provide the certificate of employment issued by your institution (with translation to English) with official seal (original copy or scanning copy). In addition, when you print the certificate, it is better to use a special paper (with the name or logo of your institution on it ).
  • Telephone number
  • Detailed postal address

Click to contact the conference secretary